1. How do I qualify for the Allied Health Scholarship?

  • Student must be a citizen or permanent resident of the US and be a resident of Washington Heights, Inwood or Harlem.
  • Student must be enrolled in an occupational therapy, physical therapy, radiological technology or medical laboratory technology.
  • Student must have a cumulative grade point average of no less than 2.5 (verified by the official transcript from CUNY)
  • Student must be recommended by at least two professionals, which includes faculty who have taught the student or supervisors from their clinical internship.
  • Student must be in the final stage of program completion and approved by the college to pursue 1,500 clinical hours required as verified by the letter from the College’s program director/coordinator.
  • Student must demonstrate financial need (measured by indicators that include eligibility for grants and transitional benefits associated with the Human Resources Administration)
  • Student must display “worthiness” as attested by faculty who has taught him/her.

2. How do I know I am ready to apply for the scholarship?

If you are in an existing allied health field i.e., Occupational therapy, physical therapy, radiological technology, or medical laboratory technology then you should contact the program coordinator for more information.

3. How do I apply?

The application process is simple. Applicants must complete an application, submit an official transcript and a letter from Financial Aid demonstrating financial need, proof of address and citizenship/residency status.

4. Do I have to live in a certain area or go to a certain school?

In order to qualify students must live in Community boards 9 (Morningside Heights, Manhattnaville and Hamilton Heights) 10 (Central Harlem) 11(East Harlem) and 12 (Washington Heights, Inwood)

5. How much can I receive?

Grantee will provide recipients with stipends calculated at a rate of $10/hour to begin no earlier than the third semester of the student’s internship. Stipends will be based on hours spent in internships and disbursed weekly. Per student stipends will not exceed $12,000