1. Is Childcare available on CUNY Campuses?

Childcare is a critical component to ensuring the success of CUNY students while they are enrolled in college. Childcare is available to meet the students individual needs including providing services to children of various ages and providing child care during weekend and evenings if needed. Availability and programmatic offerings vary by campus.

2. What types of child care programs are available in CUNY?

Available programs include:

  • Traditional Center Based Child Care Programs (3 to 6 yrs.)
  • Evening Child Care Programs
  • Universal Pre-Kindergarten Programs
  • Weekend Child Care Programs
  • Infant and Toddler Programs
  • School Age Programs
  • Family Day Care Homes
  • Group Family Day Care Homes


3. Besides direct services to children, what other services do child care centers provide?

Campuses also offer educational programs for parents.

4. How can I contact a campus child care center?

The CUNY website has Child Care Services listing and contact information for each child care center.

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