1. Am I eligible for counseling?

All currently enrolled full-time or part-time students at community colleges, senior colleges and degree-granting graduate programs are eligible for counseling at their campus counseling centers.

2. Which counseling center should I go to?

Services are restricted to students at each campus. Students enrolled at special programs such as Sophie Davis Medical, SEEK, Discovery, Veterans, and Disability Services can take advantage of specialized counseling available through their programs in addition to the counseling provided by their campus counseling centers.

3. How much does counseling cost?

Counseling is free at your campus counseling center for short-term counseling. If you are seen by a psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse on campus, this will be covered by your campus counseling center, but you will be responsible for the cost of medications. If you are referred out of the CUNY system, you will be responsible for the fees at the external agency. The campus counseling center will assist you with referral and connection to off-campus resources, including free or low-cost options.

4. Is counseling confidential?

Counseling is confidential; however, there are legal limits to confidentiality. The campus counseling center will discuss the limits of confidentiality with you on your first visit.

5. What types of counseling are offered?

Each counseling center offers an array of services tailored to the needs of its campus. Types of counseling potentially include short-term therapy, long-term therapy, group counseling, and workshops focused on specific issues like stress management, anxiety, test anxiety, and coping with loss. Referrals to other mental health services are also provided as needed.

6. Do I need counseling?

Students seek counseling for a variety of reasons. Problems at school or at home, difficulty managing time or stress, and concerns about depression or anxiety are just a few reasons you may want to seek out counseling.

7. How do I get started?

See the list of Campus Counseling Centers for information about the counseling center on your campus. Each counseling center has walk-in times for emergencies. You can also schedule an appointment by phone or in person


If you or anyone you know is in a crisis situation, please call 911, visit your local emergency room, text “HOME” to 741741, or reach out to The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

New York City resources are available by called 1-888-NYC-WELL or visiting NYC WELL.

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