Undocumented Immigrants Urge Others To ‘Come Out’ In Push For Reform

Progress toward immigration reform in the past several years has been attributed in no small part to the many undocumented immigrants, particularly young people dubbed Dreamers, who “came out” and shared their stories.(By Dayana Morales Gomez/ Huffingtonpost)
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Mark Zuckerberg, Wife Donate $5 Million to TheDream.US Scholarship Fund

Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, have made a $5 million donation to TheDream.US for immigrant students, the latest high-profile entrepreneurs to contribute to a scholarship fund to enable youngsters in the country without legal status to attend college. The fund has raised more than $80 million so far. (By Miriam Jordan, WSJ)
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Clinton Charms DREAMers On Immigration

Hillary Clinton sat down with a small group of DREAMers on Tuesday at Rancho High School at the heart of the growing Latino community in Las Vegas. She said it was time to provide immigrants in the country illegally with a path to citizenship. (By Tamara Keith, NPR)
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“TheDream.US” Scholarships Valued at More Than $5 Million Awarded to Immigrant Students

More than 200 students at The City University of New York have been awarded scholarships valued at more than $5 million from TheDream.US, the largest amount received by any university in the United States.

The nation’s largest scholarship program for undocumented immigrant youth, TheDream.US, is providing aid to 231 students at CUNY colleges in the five boroughs, more than half of the $10 million in aid the foundation awarded nationally to over 500 students.
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CUNY, donors give $30M to help Dreamers get college degree (Daily News)

Dreams really do come true.

The City University of New York and two kind-hearted donors gave a big boost Tuesday to struggling Dreamers hoping to get a college degree.(By Laura Bult, Denis Slattery NY Daily News)
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