CUNY LEADS is a unique academic and career program for students with disabilities at the City University of New York. This exciting program is free of charge for all eligible candidates and available on all CUNY campuses. Learn more

What services can LEADS provide?

For Students

If eligible, LEADS can assist with the following services:

Career and academic guidance and skills for job search and retention
Enhanced employment opportunities
Referral assistance with ACCES/VR
Academic advisement
Career counseling
Resume preparation
Interview preparation
Internship preparation
Job seeking assistance
Job placement assistance
Advocacy skills
Referral assistance with ACCES-VR


For Employers

CUNY LEADS can provide:

A pool of qualified, prescreened job candidates from twenty-four CUNY colleges who are prepared for the workforce
A talented group of intern candidates with diverse fields of interests and majors
Assistance with accommodation solutions

News & Events

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Barbara Bookman
University Director, Disability Programs
Phone: 646-664-8811

Roberta Adelman
Phone: 646-664-8812