CUNY LEADS is a program established to facilitate the successful academic and career outcomes for students with disabilities who are enrolled in CUNY programs. The program provides services for eligible students which include:

    • Academic advisement
    • Career counseling
    • Resume preparation
    • Interview preparation
    • Internship preparation
    • Job seeking assistance
    • Job placement assistance
    • Advocacy skills


This exciting program is free of charge for all eligible candidates and available on all CUNY campuses. Each campus has a LEADS advisor assigned to it that will partner with various agencies and businesses to provide the necessary assistance to students.


CUNY LEADS is a unique program designed to prepare CUNY students with disabilities to make realistic academic and career choices and develop the skills that will result in successful career outcomes.


LEADS will establish itself as a national best practices model. It will serve as a training resource for the development of programs that prepare students with disabilities for realistic and successful employment outcomes.

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