1. What is CUNY LEADS?

CUNY LEADS is a unique academic and career program for students with disabilities at the City University of New York (CUNY). Learn more

2. Who may be eligible for LEADS?

CUNY students with disabilities who are currently registered in:

  • Degree and Non Degree Programs
  • Adult and Continuing Education
  • Allied Programs

Students do not have to be registered with the campus disabilities office to qualify for LEADS.

3. What makes someone eligible?

A student may be considered eligible providing they meet the following requirements:

  • The presence of a documented disability
  • The understanding that this disability creates an impairment to employment
  • The expectation that with services, this person will be able to obtain employment.

4. What services can be provided if I am eligible?

Example of services may include:

  • Academic advisement
  • Career counseling
  • Resume preparation
  • Interview preparation
  • Internship assistance
  • Job seeking assistance
  • Advocacy skills
  • Referral assistance with ACCES/VR

All services are free and confidential.

5. What if I am already registered with ACCES/VR?

If you have an open case with ACCES/VR, you are eligible to receive CUNY LEADS services. You may meet with your campus LEADS advisor to get registered or ask your ACCES/VR counselor to connect you with your campus advisor.

6. Can LEADS really help me to get a job?

  • CUNY LEADS Advisors work with LEADS Placement Advisors to connect students with internship and job opportunities they may not otherwise have access to.
  • Advisors provide support in job-seeking and skill development and address unique disability-related challenges that may affect your ability to obtain employment.
  • You will have access to workshop and individualized assistance regarding resumes, interviews, and finding and maintaining employment.
  • Once you are employed, the LEADS counselor will continue to maintain contact to provide support while you are adjusting to your new job.

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