CUNY LEADS links employers throughout the New York City area to qualified students with disabilities from across the CUNY network of 25 campuses. Our students have a wide range of employment interests, academic majors, and skills, and CUNY LEADS Job Developers located in each borough track all students ready for employment to connect with employers. In addition, LEADS has a Neurodiversity Job Developer who focuses on finding opportunities for students on the autism spectrum.


Both nationally and in New York State, disability employment rates lag behind those of the general population. With CUNY LEADS, we’re proud to report that 70% of our students have found employment within a year of completing their studies. Toward this end of continuing to strive for 70% employment, CUNY LEADS is launching 70 for 70, a celebration of 70 competitive positions at top companies earned by LEADS students.

Introducing 70 for 70 flyer


Our Job Developers have formed relationships with many businesses and service providers to streamline the referral pipeline for open positions. Contact the Job Developer in your borough, or reach out to all, to set up a process that works best for your organization.

CUNY LEADS Job Developer Contacts

Neurodiversity Kristopher Robinson
Brooklyn Trivis Laurore
Bronx Cruz Marina Esquilín
Manhattan Molly Pearl
Queens Kate Wong
Staten Island Bethany LaLonde


The CUNY LEADS team is happy to work with businesses and service providers on preparing their employees with disability etiquette presentations or setting up events for recruitment and connecting with potential candidates.

Past Events

  • Mock Interviews
  • Resume Review
  • Job Fair
  • Disability 101 (for employees)