Transition and postsecondary programs for students with intellectual disabilities [TPSID] at CUNY

Since the introduction of the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) of 2008, a movement has been growing at universities across the country to provide inclusive college experiences for young adults with intellectual disabilities.

As part of CUNY’s commitment to provide a quality, accessible education to all, the NYC TPSID Consortium was established in 2015 after receiving a grant from the Institute for Innovative Transition at The University of Rochester. In collaboration with AHRC NYC, the NYC Department of Education, and the JFK, Jr. Institute for Worker Education at the School of Professional Studies, model programs are being formalized at five CUNY campuses.

Students participate in academic courses, vocational experiences on and off campus, and co-curricular activities aligned with their personal and career interests. Emphasis is placed on developing skills toward the ultimate goal of living independently with competitive employment.

Meaningful Credential Development

In partnership with the NYC TPSID Consortium, CUNY is developing a meaningful credential, providing students with a record of their time at CUNY as they transition to employment. The credential will capture their college experience in a way that is valuable to the student, their communities, and future employers. Read More

To attain this goal, CUNY Disability Services and the JFK, Jr. Institute for Worker Education are working with stakeholders centrally and on campus.
Faculty collaboration is a vital component of the development process. A faculty committee with representatives from each grant campus aims to increase faculty awareness and participation, assess professional development needs, and establish student learning outcomes.

Campus Programs

Prior to receiving the TPSID grant in 2015, programs were developed at five CUNY campuses. AHRC NYC’s Melissa Riggio Program is located at Borough of Manhattan Community College, College of Staten Island, Hostos Community College, and Kingsborough Community College. The NYC DOE operates the Inclusion Program at Queens College. The TPSID Consortium’s purpose is to formalize the existing structures as a CUNY credential program.