Female student on the Lehman College campus

The CUNY Women’s Centers provide vital and comprehensive services that address the needs of the whole person by adopting a myriad of multi-dimensional programs and workshops that speak to the emotional, intellectual, physical and financial well-being of women. Through our on-going services, we hope to encourage retention and academic success for women and non-traditional students by providing specialized support programs and referrals to community resources for identifiable populations including on- and off-campus referral networks. We help our students identify and foster an awareness of the possibilities for academic success and positive personal development.


Historically, CUNY has been at the forefront in establishing women’s centers on its college campuses, which focus on empowering and addressing the needs of its diverse women population through counseling, workshops, and referral services. Since the 1970s some of the Centers have opened and closed intermittently and their existence has been somewhat tenuous because of limited resources.


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Overcoming Self Doubt & Fear of Failure Workshop & Networking Lunch

Sponsored by COSA and the Women’s Centers Council

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