What does the CUNY Women Centers offer?

The CUNY Women Centers provides a safe space to promote dialogue and programs addressing current women have and gender issues. Women centers exist to eliminate gender inequity both on campus and in the community. The centers assure men and women equal educational and leadership opportunities, adequate representation and access to services. It is a place where students can develop personally, educationally, culturally, socially, and professionally.

What does the Women Centers do?

The key programs and services provided by campus Women Centers include:

Programs & Events – it is vital to our mission that we provide numerous educational programs about health, wellness, feminism, activism, and other political and economic issues.
Resources & Information-The Centers house a resource library, pamphlets about local organizations and issues, a wide range of health information, and the ability to refer you to campus and community organizations that can help answer questions
Institutional & Individual Advocacy – The Centers offer a place of support for survivors of rape, dating/domestic violence, stalking, harassment, and hate crimes. The Centers also actively works for an improved campus climate by recommending policies, procedures, and practices and research.

What resources are available in the Women Centers?

The women centers maintains a collection of books, videos, journals and newsletters on a variety of mission-related topics including, physical/emotional health, self-help and empowerment, violence/abuse, men’s programming, men’s health, etc. Every day the activities in the Women Centers are different. Not all topics are academic – we deal with personal life challenges, frustrations with the red tape on campus, and more.

Who is welcome at the Women Centers?

Everyone! The centers welcome people of all genders to its programs and services. Most of the programs and events are open to any student, although the focus is on issues of specific interest to women. Faculty, staff and alumni are also welcome at center events and programs. Men utilize our resources and services, attend our programs, participate in group activities and meetings, and support our efforts. Male outreach programs such as the Black Male Initiative collaborate with the Women Centers to offer programs that support the mission of both groups.

What are the differences between the Women Centers and the Women Studies Program?

While the Women’s Center and the Women Studies Program both support the active examination of issues related to women, they are different in two main ways. First, the Women’s Center is primarily staffed by administration. Women Studies is staffed by faculty who do research, teaching, and/or service related to women and gender. Second, the Women Centers provide programming and meeting space to support its mission while WGS provides academic classes for students wishing to major, minor, or just learn more about women and gender.

While the Women Centers and the Women Studies Program obviously fulfill different roles on campus, they share an interest in exploring gender and women’s issues and often work together to provide program and services.

How is the Women Centers connected with the other centers and programs on campus?

Independently and cooperatively, the centers seek to better serve the diverse women and men of CUNY. The Women Centers, the Black Male Initiative, Women Veterans Programs, Leadership Academy, Women Studies programs, International Students and Scholars programs, PSC/CUNY Women’s Chapter, all work cooperatively to produce interconnected programming, a calendar, and other shared projects to emphasize the relationships between gender, race, and ethnicity.

Is the Women Centers only for students, or can faculty, staff, and community members use it too?

Everyone can benefit from the Women Centers. Faculty, staff, and community members are welcome to attend our programs and events, utilize our services, and make use of our resources. While the Centers primarily focus on serving the needs of students, they are open to everyone.

How do I get involved with the Women Centers?

Just talk to the Director! Students are always welcome to join ongoing campus groups, or volunteer to help with the library, the newsletter, or event planning.