The mission of the CUNY Civil Service Commission is to provide an orderly, fair and uniform system for the administration of the relevant provisions of the NYS Laws and The CUNY Rules and Regulations, and to prescribe, amend and enforce suitable rules covering the classification of CUNY Civil Service positions.

The CUNY Civil Service Commission hears complaints alleging violations of relevant NYS Laws and Regulations, appeals from disciplinary actions, and appeals by employees who are aggrieved by determinations of the Vice Chancellor for Faculty and Staff Relations. The Commission affirms, reverses or modifies such determinations.

Furthermore, the CUNY Civil Service Commission:

  • Assures that the treatment of applicants and employees is consistent with the NYS Civil Service Laws and the resolutions of the CUNY Board of Trustees.
  • Corrects violations of NYS Civil Service Laws and Rules and CUNY Rules and Regulations promulgated under the State Civil Service Laws.
  • Assures that the Vice Chancellor administers Civil Service actions consistent with all relevant regulations. Conducts investigations concerning any matter related to the enforcement and effect of the NYS Civil Service Law and CUNY Rules.
  • Reports annually to the State Civil Service Commission on the status of the CUNY classified service and insures that all payrolls are certified as required by law.