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Welcome to CUNY Internship Programs! Here you can find useful handbooks and resources to guide your through the timesheet and payroll process, forms for time and leave, retroactive timesheets, and stop payment, and learn more about your benefits.

As a current intern of the CUNY Internship Programs you will be an employee of the Research Foundation of CUNY and paid according to their procedures and process.

Please carefully read the handbook that applies to your position.

All interns are responsible for the creation of their timesheets in order to receive payment every pay period. Interns must submit timesheets every other Friday between the hours of 9:00am to 5:00pm (with the exception of NYCHA interns who can submit by Sunday evening). A courtesy reminder email will be sent to all interns on the Wednesday before the timesheet due date.

In order to complete your timesheets, please visit the Research Foundation of CUNY website: If logging in for the first time click Create to set up your account and choose a password.

Visual step by step instructions

  1. Use the sign in box on the left-hand side of the home page. Enter your RF CUNY ID and password and hit sign in. (In case you can’t log in, click on Forgot Password?)
  2. Select the Time and Leave option from the My E-Services box. After clicking on Time and Leave you will be taken to the current month’s calendar.
  3. The dark blue squares contain hyperlinked dates that you can click to access your timesheet for the pay period. The drop-down menu at the top of the calendar can be used to go back to view or enter hours in older timesheets.
  4. After clicking on the hyperlinked date you will be able to enter your work hours for the two week period. All hours worked should be entered in the “Reg” column. Any vacation time should be entered in the “Annual” column and any sick time should be entered in the “Sick” column. No other Columns should be used.
  5. After you have finished entering your hours, click Preview Timesheet. After clicking Preview Timesheet the system will calculate your total hours. Make sure the hours are correct and click Save. Do Not Click on Save & Submit as this will lock your supervisor out from making their approval.
  6. After clicking the Save button you will see a notification that your timesheet has been saved. Your supervisor can now approve your hours.

Intern that are scheduled to work 19 hours a week or less are classified as Part Time B and are entitled to only statutory benefits, which include the following:

Short-Term Disability:

An employee who becomes disabled due to an injury or illness unrelated to the workplace for six or more consecutive days may be eligible for short-term disability. All employee statuses are eligible. Part time employees are covered after the completion of 20 scheduled workdays.

Social Security:

A tax that is deducted from an employee’s earnings in order to provide for the material needs of individuals, families, aged and disabled persons against the expenses of illnesses that may otherwise exhaust their savings.

Unemployment Insurance:

Federal-State Unemployment Insurance Program provides unemployment benefits to eligible workers who are unemployed through no fault of their own.

Worker’s Compensation:


A state-regulated employment benefit for which an employee may be eligible if he/she becomes injured or ill in the course of his /her employment and the claim is deemed compensable.


Frontier MEDEX is available to serve as the initial point of contact for all Research Foundation employees traveling overseas on business who need medical attention. (Note: This policy ONLY covers employees who are active on Research Foundation payroll).

Interns that are scheduled to work 19 to 34 hours are classified as Part Time A and are entitled to statutory benefits and additional benefits. For detailed information about additional benefits, please feel free to contact the Benefits Coordinator:

Bardria Nichols:

Time and Leave

Interns must complete the Time and Leave Form when requesting annual leave and accounting for sick time. The completed Time and Leave Form should be reviewed and signed by the intern’s supervisor and submitted to CUNY Program Staff. The annual and sick time that is documented on this form should also be included on the intern’s electronic timesheets for proper approval and payment. Although we have assigned timekeepers that approve the hours for interns in our program, these timesheets sometimes get submitted without being verified. This time and leave form helps to ensure that the interns are communicating their requests to their supervisors and entering correct timesheets.

Time and Leave Form

NYCHA Time and Leave Form


Retroactive Timesheet

If an intern inadvertently enters the incorrect number of hours for a pay period or misses a pay period that is no longer accessible via the RFCUNY electronic system, then that intern will need to complete a Retroactive Timesheet in order to request payment for the missed hours. The intern should complete the form, have his or her supervisor review and approve it, and then submit the form to CUNY Program Staff for processing.

Retroactive Timesheet Form


Stop Payment Request

In the event that an intern does not receive or misplaces a mailed check, he or she will need to complete a Stop Payment Request Form in order to have the check re-issued.

Stop Payment Request Form