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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is the employer for CUNY interns? When interns are hired, they become employees of the Research Foundation of CUNY and are paid through RFCUNY’s payroll system.
  • How are the intern candidates recruited for your program? Our interns come from all of CUNY’s campuses. For our tech internships, we recruit students who are in computing majors or related majors or those who have a strong professional background in tech.
  • How will I be able to review candidates’ resumes? Our intern candidates complete profiles and upload their resumes on our Symplicity site. Once you have signed an agreement with RFCUNY and have an approved budget, you should create an employer log-in on Symplicity. At that time you will be able to submit a job posting and collect resumes through the site.For DOE school personnel, candidates are vetted by DOE Field Operations teams for each borough. Once interns are vetted, they are then matched to a school based on their proximity and ability to work the desired schedules.
  • How long can interns remain in the program? Interns are able to participate in the program for up to three years or six months after graduation, whichever comes first. Students must remain enrolled in a CUNY school in order to remain in their internship placement.
  • How long does it take for an intern to get started at my agency? This can vary based on a number of factors, including:
    • How quickly a budget is agreed upon and how quickly funds are received
    • How quickly the agreement is signed and returned to the RFCUNY Program Manager
    • What intern qualifications are being sought
    • The wage that is being offered and the number of hours per week the intern will be asked to work
    • Whether fingerprinting is required
  • We paid for an intern to work 19 hours per week, but sometimes we need them to work more than that. Can interns work more hours than they’re scheduled to work? No. Interns may not work more hours than are allowed by the budget and by RFCUNY program staff. If the budget includes flex time, students and supervisors will be notified that their interns can work additional hours over CUNY’s winter and summer breaks. All additional requests to work additional hours must be approved by the RFCUNY Program Manager who oversees your agency’s contract.
  • We are unsatisfied with our intern’s performance. What should we do? Since interns are RFCUNY employees, you should contact the RFCUNY Program Manager if any performance issues arise. Interns should be given verbal and written warnings and a performance improvement plan before final terminations can be issued by RFCUNY Program Staff. You will also have an opportunity to submit an annual performance review. Please see the disciplinary process outlined in your supervisor handbook for tips on how to handle intern performance concerns.