You will be responsible for approving your intern’s timesheet on a biweekly basis.

Our interns are all RFCUNY employees and must use the time/leave system at to submit their timesheets, although we strongly suggest you keep paper timesheets or timecards to track your intern’s attendance and to confirm that the information on the electronic timesheet is accurate.

Important Timekeeping Policies

  1. Please note that you are only responsible for submitting your intern’s timesheet after it has been entered by the student and is in “Created” status. We will not accept timesheets created and submitted by timekeepers, so please don’t click Save & Submit for timesheets that are listed as “New”.
  2. Please do not create your intern’s timesheet on his or her behalf. Timesheets should only be approved after the hours entered have been verified.
  3. After reviewing the intern’s created timesheet and confirming the hours, you will click the Save and Submit Button (the middle button)
    • Should you need to edit the hours you will click Edit to make any changes.
  4. If interns use annual or sick leave for any reason, including during holidays, they must submit a signed Time and Leave Form {add link} with their electronic timesheets. This form helps ensure that a student is appropriately taking annual or sick leave in accordance with the policies stated in the intern handbook. The Time and Leave Form {add link} must be signed by a supervisor. Without this form, the annual/sick time the intern has entered on an electronic timesheet will be removed by CUNY Internship Programs staff and not paid out until the signed Time and Leave Form {add link} is submitted by the intern.
  5. Sometimes timesheet approval deadlines will fall on a holiday. In that case a holiday timesheet schedule will be emailed to you. Please plan ahead and make arrangements to have this timesheet submitted by the alternate due date. Without your submission we cannot approve a timesheet and your intern can not be paid on time.
  6. We highly suggest that you add the payroll submission dates to your Outlook calendar so you never miss a payroll. You will receive biweekly reminders regarding payroll and anything to look out for that week (system status messages, holiday reminders, etc), but we rely on our timekeepers to make sure timesheets are being submitted accurately and on time.
  7. As RFCUNY is the employer of record, it is important that you contact us with any concerns regarding timesheets or attendance.

All interns are responsible for the creation of their timesheets in order to receive payment every pay period. Interns must submit timesheets every other Friday between the hours of 9:00am to 5:00pm (with the exception of NYCHA interns who can submit by Sunday evening).

Agencies must assign at least one timekeeper to approve timesheets every other Monday. Once an agency has selected the employee who will be the timekeeper,that person’s name, phone number, and e-mail address should be submitted to the RFCUNY Program Manager.

The timekeeper will receive a timekeeper ID and temporary password and should review the Timekeeper Role and Responsibilities page of this site.

In order to complete your timesheets, please visit If logging in for the first time click Create to set up your account and choose a password.


Intern Timesheet Processing

Visual step by step instructions

  1. First go to the RFCUNY web site at
  2. Once the web page loads, select Login from the top right hand corner of the page OR use the sign in box on the left-hand side of the home page. Enter your ID and password and hit the sign in button.
  3. Select the Timesheet option from the My E-Services box on the left-hand side of your screen
  4. After clicking on Timesheet you will be taken to a calendar for the current month. The dark blue squares (every other Sunday) contain hyperlinked dates that you can click on to access an intern’s timesheet for the pay period. The drop-down menu at the top of the calendar can be used to go back a month, if needed, to approve older timesheets.
  5. Click on the Period Ending date (the dark shaded square) for the current pay period.
  6. You may be prompted to select a group. The current project number for your account should be selected already. Hit the continue button.
  7. You will now see a listing of all interns on your account. The default timesheet prior to an intern entering time will show as “New” in yellow highlight. After your intern submits the timesheet it will appear as it does below. Click on View/Edit to review the daily hour entries for each intern timesheet.
  8. Verify that the hours entered are correct and that the intern has not entered any hours in the “Uns” or “Other” columns. Make any changes needed and click the Preview Timesheet(s) button at the bottom of the page.
  9. The system will recalculate the timesheet if you made any changes. Verify that any changes were recorded and click on Save and Submit at the bottom of the page.
  10. A pop up will appear asking you to ok the submission. Click OK.
  11. Click Go to Summary Page for period ending X/XX/XXXX to approve the next intern timesheet.

An important part of our interns’ professional development is receiving feedback on their performance. At various times we will request that you complete a performance evaluation of your intern. At this time you can consider whether your agency can provide a wage increase for interns who have strong performance indicators.

Disciplinary Actions

On rare occasions, disciplinary action must be taken with regard to intern performance. If you have concerns with your intern’s attendance and punctuality, workplace etiquette, attitude towards staff, or overall performance, you must take the following steps until the problem is resolved:


  1. Give the intern a verbal warning. Identify the problematic behavior and make suggestions for improvement.
  1. Contact CUNY program staff as soon as a problem becomes chronic and repetitive. It is imperative that you let us know about an issue as soon as possible. We might be able to troubleshoot some solutions to the problem before it escalates.
  2. Complete a Written Warning Form with a two-week timeframe in which the intern can correct his/her behavior
  3. Schedule a corrective action plan meeting with the intern. The meeting should be a time for you and the intern to review the problematic behavior, determine the causes of the behavior, and collaborate to develop strategies for improving the behavior. Next steps for any failure to comply with the plan should also be included.
  4. Implement the follow up listed in the corrective action plan.

You must contact CUNY program staff before informing any interns that they have been terminated. Since the intern is an employee of RFCUNY, terminations will become a part of their permanent employment record with RFCUNY and may impact their ability to find employment with the organization in the future. When interns are terminated, CUNY staff has to provide evidence of cause for termination to RFCUNY’s Personnel Coordinators. Under no circumstances should a school terminate an intern without CUNY’s knowledge.

Time and Leave

Interns must complete the Time and Leave Form when requesting annual leave and accounting for sick time. The completed Time and Leave Form should be reviewed and signed by the intern’s supervisor and submitted to CUNY Program Staff. The annual and sick time that is documented on this form should also be included on the intern’s electronic timesheets for proper approval and payment. Although we have assigned timekeepers that approve the hours for interns in our program, these timesheets sometimes get submitted without being verified. This time and leave form helps to ensure that the interns are communicating their requests to their supervisors and entering correct timesheets.

Time and Leave Form

NYCHA Time and Leave Form