Establish an Internship Program at Your Agency

The following are the steps for establishing a new agreement with CUNY Internship Programs at your agency:

  1. if you are a new agency or department, please contact Kristen Kainer-Turner ( to initiate the process.
  2. Designate a Project Director for the program. The Project Director will be the liaison between the agency and CUNY.
  3. Ensure funding will be available for the program. Most funds must be processed through an intra-city budget modification and must be approved for this purpose.
    • After initiating a mod, please send an email to Nena ( with a screenshot that includes budget codes and object codes. Please cc Kristen Kainer-Turner (
    • If an agency does not participate in FMS then alternate payment arrangements can be made.
  4. Sign the agency agreement which delineates the responsibilities of both CUNY and the agency.
  5. Once the agreement and budget funds have been received by CUNY, CUNY program staff will reach out to begin establishing a recruitment process for interns.

For New York City Department of Education School Tech Support

1.  If your school has never participated in our program the new school application here.

2. Once the application is approved complete your purchase order utilizing the instructions below.

Purchase orders must be submitted in to FAMIS. POs submitted after that time will only be accepted if we have still have available interns.


Vendor ID: DIIT0001

Contract#: DIIT001

Click for pricing: FY18 Intern Pricing and Instructions 4

Purchasing Instructions

1. Schedule the appropriate funds in Galaxy in object code 998, Internal Services.
2. Purchase the service from DIIT in the FAMIS E-Catalog use the item numbers above

  1. Once you submit your purchase order in FAMIS, DIIT Procurement will submit your information to us. The purchase order will only be approved when we have an intern confirmed to be assigned at your school. We will send you a receipt of your purchase order reviewing the dollar amount and catalog description included.
  2. When an intern has been assigned to your school you must submit a school contact questionnaire, which will be linked to your PO receipt. Upon receipt of the completed questionnaire, we will submit your intern’s name and biography including contact information.
  3. Contact your intern to schedule an initial meeting to introduce the intern to the school environment and to collaboratively develop a work schedule. Please take into consideration a student’s class schedules when their internship hours are being determined.
  4. Students must start the first week of the purchase order, as designated under the column “Start Date,” below.

Once your purchase is complete please contact Russell Williams (  if you have any questions or concerns about the process.