The Poll-Worker Initiative recruits and trains hundreds of students to serve as poll-workers with the Board of Elections to help address shortages for the city-wide primary and general elections.

The Initiative also provides for on-campus poll worker trainings at select CUNY campuses across the five boroughs.

The Board of Elections is looking for students who can work as Inspectors or Interpreters during the peak hours from 3:00pm until polls close on Election Day.


  • A four-hour training session for potential workers
  • Compensation of $100 per day for working in the primary election and the general election
  • Compensation of $100 for attending training and passing the exam


For more information, please contact your campus coordinator:

Baruch College

Ms. Leanette Anzules
Office of Student Life – Box B2-210
T: (646) 312-4555    F: (646) 312-4551

Borough of Manhattan Community College

Ms. Katherine Bedoya
Employer Relations Specialist
Center for Career Development, rm S342
T: (212) 220-8000 ext 5168 F: (212) 346-8519

Bronx Community College

Ms. Jessenia Paoli
Loew Hall, Room 210
T: (718) 289-5630

Brooklyn College

Ms. Maribel Cordero-Garcia
Coordinator for Student Empowerment Programs
T: (718) 951-5352   F: (718) 951-4453

City College

Ms. Shamaya Green
Office of On-Campus Student Employment
College Assistant  Coordinator
T: (212) 650-6065   F: (212) 650-7504

College of Staten Island

Mr. Gregory Brown
Associate Director, Student Life
T: (718) 982-3089 F: (718) 982-3087

Graduate Center

Ms. Elise Perram
Director of Student Activities
T: (212) 817-7411 F: (212) 817-1621

Hostos Community College

Jerry Rosa
Director, Student Activities
Location: C-371
T: (718) 518-6768

Hunter College

Ms. Teneia Wooten
Asst. Director of Student Activities & Leadership Dev.
T: (212) 772-4908    F: (212) 772-5438

Kingsborough Community College

Ms. Marisa Joseph
Office of Career Counseling, Placement and Transfer
Location: C-102
T: (718) 368-5115 F: (718) 368-5366

John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Ms. Crystal Farmer
Office Manager
T: (212) 237-8746  C: (646) 557-4543

LaGuardia Community College

Ms. Eneida Rivas
Associate Director of College & Community Relations
T: (718) 482-5058 F: (718) 482-5016

Ms. Shayla Pruitt
Office of Campus Life
T: (718) 482-5093

Lehman College

Mr. Juan Vazquez
Internship Coordinator at the Career Services Center
Shuster 254
T: (718) 960-8366.

Medgar Evers College

Mr. Larry Martin
Director of Student Life and Development
T: (718) 270-6983 F: (718) 270-6198

New York City College of Technology

Ms. Dorie Clay
Director of Student Life
Location: G-516
T: 718-260-5402  F: (718) 260-5226

Queens College

Mr. Emanuel Avila
Coordinator of Judicial Affairs and Service Learning
Student Union 320
T: (718) 997-3971  F: (718) 997-3972

Queensborough Community College

Ms. Constance Peluso
Director of Career Services
Contact: Lucille Sparacio
T: (718) 631-6297

York College

Mr. Anthony Andrews
Acting Director of Student Activities
T: (718) 262-2936 F: (718) 262-2289

CUNY School of Law

Ms. Amanda Beltran
Voter Coordinator
T: (718) 340-4188 F: (718) 340-4372

Guttman Community College

Mr. Manny Lopez
Associate Director of Leadership & Success
T: (646) 313-8121