The first lines of a sample Job Posting are below.

Choose Return to Previous Page to browse other listings. Choose Email to Friend which will let you email the link to the posting, and also add a personal message. If you are logged in, you can also Add to Job Cart or Apply Now.

Job description graphic

Select Apply Now; you will be asked how you wish to apply. Unless instructed otherwise, select Upload a New Resume. You will be prompted to select and upload a file. You can also apply through the Job Cart. If you select multiple jobs at the same time, the same resume and application materials will be attached to each job application. For unique responses, apply to one position at a time.

  • We accept resumes and other attachments with the following formats:
    • Microsoft Word (.doc/.docx)
    • Adobe Acrobat (.pdf)
    • Text (.txt)
    • Rich Text Format (.rtf)
  • We recommend resume and all other attachment files not exceed 20 MB each, with a file name of 60 characters or less. The file names should not include special characters such as *:?<>/
  • While a resume is required for nearly all applications, other attachments may be included as requested in the job posting. You may upload multiple attachments including a cover letter, supporting material, references, etc.
  • We accept only one resume and one cover letter per application.
  • To change your resume or cover letter, you must submit another application.

The screens for uploading a Resume and other Attachments are shown below.

apply now resume graphic
apply now resume graphic

To complete your application:

  • Some jobs have screening questions about your education and experience. If there are screening questions, answers are required. Questions appear after you have completed entering attachments.
  • There is another tab allowing you to enter other general information, such as where you learned of this vacancy.
  • When you have added attachments and completed any screening questions, click Submit.
  • We will ask for self-identification data. The information you provide is needed for regulatory reporting and analysis and is optional.
  • First, there is a screen with a question on Disability status.
  • Next, you will see a screen with a question about Veteran status.
  • Next, choose a value from the Gender drop-down menu, and answer a two-part question on Ethnicity.
  • Finally, you will see a statement of terms and conditions. Read this statement carefully, click on I agree to these terms and then Submit if you wish to complete your application.

To change an application after it is submitted:

We cannot remove or change materials that have already been submitted with an application, and while you can go back and view your answers to the screening questions, you cannot change the answers you gave.

You can, however, apply a second time to a position, and we will use the last application submitted. Please try to apply no more than twice to any one job posting. You must re-submit your application before the posting’s Closing Date.