To search for a position, you do not need a user account.

Select Search Job Listings from the CUNY Employment page. You will arrive at the page shown below.

You can Login using your User Name and Password. If you want to register for a User Name and Password, select How Do I Create A User Name?.

After Selecting How Do I Create A User Name? you will be taken to a screen called Register, where you will create a User ID and Password. There are no specific rules for the length of the User ID or Password. Write these down so that you can return to the system and log in.

You should update My Profile to provide contact information – at least one email address. If you need detailed instructions, see the Tutorial on Setting Up a User Account.

To search for jobs, select a category, or More Options to Search for CUNY Jobs to set up detailed criteria. The screen with search criteria is illustrated below.

CUNYFirst template: Job Search

A sample Job Listing is below. Click on any column heading to sort that column. Click on the Posting Title to see the detailed listing.

Job Search listing graphic, Navigating our Jobs System

The first lines of a sample Job Posting are below. Choose Return to Previous Page to browse other listings. Choose Email to Friend which will let you email the link to the posting, and also add a personal message. If you are Logged In, you can also Add to Job Cart or Apply Now.

Job description graphic