Pell,Tap & More graphic for Federal and State Grants

Grants are money that doesn’t have to be repaid and is usually based on financial need. They are available from federal and New York State governments. To Apply you need to file a FAFSA at and a TAP application to receive New York State Aid.

Well over half of CUNY’s undergraduates qualify for federal and state financial aid — and many receive enough to cover their entire tuition bill. In the last academic year, some 170,000 CUNY undergraduates received a total of $770 million in need-based federal Pell grants and New York State Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) awards. This critical aid allowed approximately 100,000 students – more than 58 percent of CUNY’s full-time, undergraduate population – to attend college tuition-free, and even more were able to receive the same tuition benefit by combining their eligibility for partial Pell and TAP with federal tuition tax credits.