How do I apply for TAP?

When you have completed the FAFSA on the Web, the confirmation page will give you a link to the TAP on the Web application for New York State financial aid. Before completing the TAP application, you will be asked to establish a PIN for TAP. This PIN will allow you to complete your application later, access your application information, or make changes, if necessary.

After establishing your PIN, you will be able to complete your TAP application. The TAP on-line form will be pre-filled with some of the information from the FAFSA you completed on-line. Review this data, supply any missing information, and submit the form. Follow the instructions provided.

I received TAP last year, do I have to apply again?

Yes, you must reapply for TAP every year in addition to the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

How much TAP can I receive each semester?

The amount of TAP you receive depends on your family income, the number of family members attending college full-time, the number of semesters you have received TAP, and the size of the annual appropriation for the program. Maximum TAP awards can be equal to but not greater than the full tuition charge at the college. State budgetary restrictions can further limit TAP awards to a portion of your tuition.

For how many semesters can I receive TAP?

For an associate degree you may receive TAP for up to 6 semesters. You will be limited to 6 semesters of TAP even if you change majors or transfer to another community college. When you enroll in a 4 year college program at a senior college, you will become eligible for an additional 2 full-time semesters of TAP bringing your undergraduate total to 8 semesters. If you are enrolled in a special program you may receive up to 8 semesters in an Associate Degree program (College Discovery) and 10 semesters in a bachelor degree program (SEEK).

Can I get TAP for repeating a course?

If you repeat a course that you previously passed, you may not count the repeated course towards full-time enrollment for TAP purposes. This means that in order to receive TAP in a semester where you may be repeating a course you passed previously that you have, in addition to the repeated course, at least 12 credits or equated credits of non-repeated courses. If you repeat a course that you previously failed, you may include that course towards full-time enrollment for TAP purposes.

Can I get TAP for remedial courses?

Remedial courses may be counted towards either full-time or part time enrollment for TAP purposes. However, to qualify for TAP, you must always be registered for a certain number of degree credit courses.

Where I could I go for more information about my TAP award?

The HESC Customer Communication Center can be reached by telephone toll-free at 1-888-NYS-HESC (1-888-697-4372). You could also reach them on the web by going to

If I am planning on attending college out-of-state should I fill out the TAP application?

Yes. You never know if your plans will change and having the TAP application on file will speed up the process if you decide to attend college in New York State.

I don’t think that I will be eligible for a TAP grant. Why should I bother to complete the form?

It never hurts to apply and let New York State decide whether you are eligible for a TAP grant. The application is easy and you just might qualify. Many students who are not eligible for Pell Grants still qualify for TAP.

I missed the link to the TAP on the Web site when I completed my FAFSA online. Can I get to it any other way?

Yes. You must wait until you receive either an email or a postcard with the web address of TAP on the Web. You can then set up a PIN number which will allow you to access the TAP on the Web site and you can complete your TAP application and have it submitted to HESC.