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Before contacting us, please be sure to review the eligibility requirements and the FAQ.

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I don’t see my intended transfer school listed. Am I eligible to apply?

Only students who transfer to Brooklyn College, City College, Hunter College, Lehman College, or Queens College are eligible to apply. If you intend to transfer to another college you are not eligible to apply.

I’m transferring to one of the eligible senior colleges but I won’t be completing my associate degree prior to transferring. Am I eligible to apply?

No, only students who will graduate with an associate degree before transferring are eligible to apply. For example, students who will transfer in the spring semester must complete their associate degree by the end of the preceding winter term.

I’m an international student. Am I eligible to apply?

No, international students are not eligible to apply.

I’m an undocumented student. Am I eligible to apply?

No, undocumented students are not eligible to apply.

I don’t qualify for financial aid. Am I eligible to apply?

All applicants are required to file a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) at Priority for these scholarships will be given to students who qualify for financial aid.

When I click on the link to the application in my CUNYFirst “To Do” list, nothing happens. Why isn’t the link working?

Be sure your web browser has pop-ups enabled. If pop-ups are not enabled, the application will not open. Also, the application may not open properly on tablets or mobile devices.

What should I say in my essay?

The essay prompt is: Please describe your long-term education and career goals and describe how completing a bachelor’s degree will help you reach those goals. You may also describe any extenuating circumstances that impacted your academic performance. Your essay should be no more than 600 words. Successful essays are usually between 400 and 600 words. Note that your essay will be evaluated for both content and mechanics.

How should I format my essay?

The online application contains a text box for your essay. However, we strongly recommend composing your essay in Word or a similar word processing program so that you can use spell check. Your essay can then be copied and pasted into the text box.

Who should I ask to write my letter of recommendation?

Your letter of recommendation should come from a professor or another staff member at your community college who knows you well and can speak to your academic achievement, work ethic, class participation, and ability to succeed in pursuing a bachelor’s degree. Specific instructions on writing the letter will be sent to your recommender after you complete the online application. It would be helpful to share your resume with your recommender if you have one available.

How do I ask for a letter of recommendation?

If possible, find a time to speak to your recommender in person—after class, during office hours, etc. Explain that you are applying for the Guttman Transfer Scholarship, which awards high-achieving students graduating from a CUNY community college $4,000 over four semesters to continue their education at Brooklyn, City, Hunter, Lehman, or Queens College. Ask for your recommender’s preferred email address and explain that after you complete an online application, he or she will receive an email with instructions on how to submit a letter of recommendation on your behalf. After you have submitted your online application, follow up with your professor to ensure he or she received an email from us.

Does my letter of recommendation have to be submitted by the application deadline? What if I don’t submit my application until the day it’s due?

Your recommender has approximately two weeks following the application deadline to submit a letter for you; the exact deadline is included in the email sent to your recommender after you submit your application. If you are able to do so, we encourage you to submit your application early in order to give your recommender more time to complete the letter. We also encourage you to follow up with your recommender to ensure he or she received the email containing instructions on how to submit your letter of recommendation. If your recommender did not receive the email, please get in touch with us by email ( or phone (646-664-8090).

What if the deadline is approaching and I’m not able to get in touch with my recommender?

If you need to designate another recommender, please email with your full name, EMPLID, the name of your original recommender, and the full name and email address of your new recommender.

Can I ask more than one person to write me a letter of recommendation?

No, we can only accept one letter per applicant.

When will you send out scholarship notifications?

For the current application cycle (students who plan to transfer in Spring 2017), notifications will be sent on or about November 30th, 2016.

I was not offered a scholarship. Can you tell me why?

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer scholarships to all qualified applicants, nor are we able to provide individual feedback as to why an application was declined.


As of Spring 2017, 207 outstanding community college graduates have been named Guttman Scholars. See below for a list of students in each cohort.

  • Spring 2017 Guttman Scholars
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  • Fall 2016 Guttman Scholars
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  • Spring 2016 Guttman Scholars
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  • Fall 2015 Guttman Scholars
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  • Spring 2015 Guttman Scholars
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  • Fall 2014 Guttman Scholars
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