KarlaOropezaMy name is Karla Oropeza. I am a student at LaGuardia Community College, and my dream is to become an elementary school teacher. This dream seems feasible now with TheDream.US scholarship. I hope to one day earn my Master’s degree in Education to become a Principal. I want to help children who recently arrived in the U.S. to assimilate and make a happy transition. My family has endured financial strain to help me pay for tuition, and I have sometimes struggled to learn new concepts in my classes. I have overcome much of my shyness presenting in front of others and feel confident that I will conduct a classroom of my own one day. This scholarship is an amazing opportunity, and remember that the application process is a process that is helping you for your future.

Karla Oropeza
LaGuardia Community College

TheDream.US Recipient