Our University-wide all-campus membership in the Black Rock Forest Consortium will enable CUNY scientists and instructors to propose and conduct research and field laboratory projects at Black Rock, including overnight trips (at reduced per capita rates) to advance scientific understanding of the natural world through research, education, and conservation programs. Read More

Founded in 1989, the Consortium collaborates with its members—universities, schools, and scientific and cultural institutions – to engage in scientific inquiry and to create educational programs for K-16 students, teachers, and the general public. The Consortium has helped to preserve the Hudson Highlands as a refuge for wildlife and to secure a wildlife corridor between Black Rock Forest and Schunnemunk Mountain State Park, NY, keeping open migration pathways between more than 117,000 acres of protected land.

Consortium researchers have produced more than 500 scientific papers, including 35 masters and Ph.D. dissertations.  The Consortium aims to understand the future of eastern deciduous forests in relation to the effects of urbanization on climate, biodiversity, chemical cycles and the spread of invasive species.

CUNY investigators could access a wide variety of pristine terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems that have outstanding natural resources and/or sensitive plant and animal populations. Other benefits include data sharing and access to long-term records; use of laboratory facilities and scientific equipment; a range of on-site lodging options; and participation research symposia that highlight the scientific investigations taking place in the Forest.

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The CUNY Advanced Science Research Center provides sophisticated equipment and staff support to researchers at the ASRC and from across CUNY. These resources will also be made available for a fee to external collaborators. High-end core facilities and instrumentation in the ASRC, never before available at CUNY, will allow scientists to expand the scope and scale of their research endeavors.

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From nanoseconds to billions of years, from nanometers to a billion billion kilometers – that is only part of the world of research enabled by computational science. The CUNY High Performance Computing Center provides the computational resources required by CUNY faculty, students, researchers and their collaborators.

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The Queensborough Community College Advanced Manufacturing Lab (pictured above) combines additive and subtractive manufacturing technologies to provide students and faculty with comprehensive fabrication and training capabilities.

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The Office of Research offers press release writing services to all CUNY researchers, as well as a University-wide subscription to EurekAlert!, an online global news distribution service operated by the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Email to learn more about this service.