The Faculty Development Workshop supports CUNY community college faculty research efforts. The workshop is part of the Community College Research Grant program.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018
John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Student Dining Hall, 524 W. 59th Street
9:00am – 3:30pm
(Breakfast and Lunch included)

Morning Session

9:00am 9:30am Breakfast
9:30am 9:40am Opening Remarks

Dan McClosky, Interim Vice Provost for Research, CUNY

9:40am 9:50am

Welcoming Remarks

Kay Conway, Chair, University Faculty Senate

9:50am 10:30am Keynote Presentation

Keynote Speaker: Randy Bass, Vice Provost, Professor of English, and Director of the Designing the Future(s) Initiative, Georgetown University

About Dr. Bass: Dr. Bass has been working at the intersections of new media technologies and the scholarship of teaching and learning for nearly thirty years. He leads the Designing the Future(s) Initiative and the Red House at Georgetown University. For 13 years, he was Founding Executive Director of the Georgetown Center for New Designs in Learning and Scholarship. He has also served as a Consulting Scholar for the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. He is the author of “Disrupting Ourselves: the Problem of Learning in Higher Education” (EDUCASE Review March/April 2012) and, with Bret Eynon, Open and Integrative: Designing Liberal Education for the New Digital Ecosystem (AAC&U, 2016).

10:30pm 12:00pm Breakout Sessions

Mindset and Pedagogy

Speaker: Catherine Good (Baruch College)

More Information: Catherine Good is an expert in the psychology of learning. As a Senior Research Scientist at Turnaround for Children, Good developed techniques to enable students to cultivate a growth mindset and overcome stereotype threat. She has developed programming for pre-calculus students at Baruch, and found that students who received extra psychological support earned significantly higher grades on the final examination compared to those who did not receive such support.

In this breakout session, faculty will learn about a variety of mindsets that shape students’ identities as learners. These include their beliefs about the nature of math intelligence, especially whether they feel like valued members of the mathematics community of learners. Faculty will also learn how their own mindsets can impact teaching practices. Finally, faculty will learn specific teaching strategies that convey a growth, rather than a fixed, mindset and that create room for many more students to feel like valued members of the classroom.

High Impact Classroom Practices

Speaker: Ron Nerio (CUNY)

More Information: Cutting edge pedagogical experts such as Randy Bass, Jose Antonio Bowen, and Cathy Davidson have generated widespread enthusiasm with their proposals for transforming classroom experiences. This interactive workshop will examine their methods for heightening student engagement, overcoming student resistance, and stimulating learning. Ron Nerio, who has taught at CUNY community colleges for sixteen years, will lead the workshop.

Open Educational Resources: A Quiet Revolution in Pedagogy

Speakers: Jean Amaral (BMCC), Shawna Brandle (KBCC), Ann Fidler (CUNY)

More Information: Free online Open Educational Resources (OERs) enable faculty members to alleviate the high textbook cost burdens may hamper student progress. These instructional materials can be used, reused, and often remixed and customized under an intellectual property license that permits their free use while ensuring authors retain copyright to their work. Beyond cutting costs, OER is introducing a quiet revolution in pedagogy by helping instructors rethink their courses in ways that incorporate only relevant educational items. Early research shows a promising increase in student engagement, lower drop-out rates, and improved course outcomes. Please join us to explore ways that you might use this promising development in higher education.

12:00pm 12:45pm Lunch

Afternoon Session

1:00pm 2:30pm

Roundtable on the Community College Grant Program

Discussion of the CCRG – assessment and future directions
Speakers: Effie MacLachlan, Ron Nerio, and Avrom Caplan (CUNY)

2:30pm 3:30pm Poster Session – 20176& 2017 Award Winners