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Please direct program inquiries to:

Avrom Caplan, Ph.D.
Associate University Dean for Research

  • Only tenure-track or tenured faculty at CUNY campuses are eligible to apply.
  • Proposals must involve an interdisciplinary collaboration between two or more faculty members from different departments.
  • Only authentic interdisciplinary research projects are eligible.
  • The Institutional Review Board (IRB) must approve research involving human subjects prior to the release of any funds.
  • All awardees must submit a report at the completion of the funding period.  Future eligibility for this program is contingent on compliance.

Read the Program Guidelines for a more detailed explanation of each eligibility requirement.

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Application Deadline: Friday, March 8, 2019

Urban Innovations Interdisciplinary Research Grant

Urban societies across the globe are confronting numerous challenges related to the environment, human health, technology, infrastructure, and the ever-changing modes of social organization. Addressing these complex scientific and societal challenges requires problem-solving approaches that transcend individual disciplines and integrate a diverse range of skill sets and expertise. As the largest urban public university in the United States, CUNY boasts a highly diverse faculty with the requisite knowledge and competencies to address these urban challenges.

The Interdisciplinary Research Grant 2019/2020 program seeks to support and encourage faculty researchers who will tackle challenges or problems that affect the needs of urban populations and the urban environment. We encourage applications that address specific challenges in ways that can be approached by combining expertise across disciplines (such as the health/social sciences, natural sciences and humanities).

The goal of this program is to provide seed funding for projects that will become eligible and competitive for external funding.

Over the last three years,  21 grants were awarded to 52 CUNY faculty. In the last cycle of this competition we funded 6 proposals. Details can be found at:

We anticipate that there will be approximately five to eight one-year awards of $40,000 made in 2019.