2017 Research in the Classroom Winners

Bret Maney
Lehman College
The Literary Bronx: Investigating the Borough’s Literary History through Discovery-Based Research and Digital Public Writing

Rebecca Spokony    
Baruch College      
Genomics of juvenile hormone effects on hemocyte development

Derrick Brazill 
Hunter College 
Discovering New Players in Cytoskeletal Regulation

Laura Spinu 
Kingsborough Community College    
Many countries, one language: using phonetic analysis to create a linguistic map of Kingsborough Community College

Helen Kapstein    
John Jay College of Criminal Justice  
Adventures in the Digital Archive: Exploring the Brontë Juvenilia

Anupam Pradhan  
Kingsborough Community College
Survey of microbial indicators for the presence of fecal contamination in fresh produce from farmers’ markets in Brooklyn, New York

Borough of Manhattan Community College 
Discourse Analysis of Forensic Interactions

Yu Wang   
York College   
The Multivariable Statistical Analysis: Big Data of Taxi-cab Mobility Application Model

Ian Alberts
LaGuardia Community College    
Class-Based Experiential Initiative to Measure Local Air Pollution as a Gateway to Global Consciousness

Kannan Mohan
Baruch College
Examining the Relationship between Environmental, Social, and Governance Data and Firm Performance: An Empirical Investigation

Brooklyn College
Data for Good in the Classroom

Dawn Roberts-Semple
York College 
Learning through innovative and inquiry-driven methods: An investigation of indoor air quality in the classroom

Kevin Ferguson  
Queens College
Hearing Gender in American Cinema

Anuradha Srivastava
Queensborough Community College
A Comparative Study of Prevalence and Exposure to Genetically Modified Organic and Non-Organic Corn and Soybean in New York City

Research in the Classroom 2017 Runners Up

Melissa Dinsman
York College
Reading New York: Augmenting Literature to Discover History

Marina Nechayeva    
LaGuardia Community College
Aerodynamics and Wind Energy Research Projects for Calculus Sequence

Erika Niwa  
Brooklyn College
Transforming Community-Engaged Learning into Community-Based Research: Racial-Ethnic Identity and Perceptions of Barriers to Opportunity in STEM Fields

Bao Vuong    
City College of New York
Bringing concepts of adaptive immunity into the laboratory classroom