The CUNY Office of Research invites applications from Associate Professors who are preparing grant proposals to fund their research. The Summer Advanced Grantwriting Award (SAGA) will provide $5,000 of summer salary in 2017 for faculty working on a proposal for a federal agency grant of at least $100,000. Faculty from all disciplines are welcome to apply.

2017 SAGA Winners

Ana Carnaval
Proposal title: “TNSFDEB-NERC. Climatic controls on South American biodiversity hotspots”

Elise Champeil
John Jay College
Proposal title: “Correlation of MC and DMC-adducts structures with the role of p21 in the toxicity of the α-ICL and β-ICL”

John Dennehy
Queens College
Proposal title: “Topologies of Adaptive Landscapes in Influenza Virus Emergence”