Pencil and pencil sharpener on a notebook for funding graphic

The CUNY Office of Research invites applications from Associate Professors who are preparing grant proposals to fund their research. The Summer Advanced Grantwriting Award (SAGA) will provide $5,000 of summer salary in 2017 for faculty working on a proposal for a federal agency grant of at least $100,000. Faculty from all disciplines are welcome to apply.

Stay tuned for more information on how to submit an application for 2018.

2017 SAGA Winners

Ana Carnaval
Proposal title: “TNSFDEB-NERC. Climatic controls on South American biodiversity hotspots”

Elise Champeil
John Jay College
Proposal title: “Correlation of MC and DMC-adducts structures with the role of p21 in the toxicity of the α-ICL and β-ICL”

John Dennehy
Queens College
Proposal title: “Topologies of Adaptive Landscapes in Influenza Virus Emergence”