We are very pleased to announce the winners of the 2017 Summer Advanced Grant Writing Award. Out of 65 impressive applications, 8 proposals were chosen for a full awards and 16 runners-up were selected. Each proposal was carefully peer-reviewed by a team of CUNY faculty and administrators. Congratulations to all of the awardees, and thank you to everyone who submitted an application!

Award Winners

Ana Carnaval
City College of New York
Proposal title: “TNSFDEB-NERC. Climatic controls on South American biodiversity hotspots”

Elise Champeil
John Jay College
Proposal title: “Correlation of MC and DMC-adducts structures with the role of p21 in the toxicity of the α-ICL and β-ICL”

John Dennehy
Queens College
Proposal title: “Topologies of Adaptive Landscapes in Influenza Virus Emergence”

Timothy Ellmore
City College of New York
Proposal title: “A Multimodal Study of Delay Activity Contributions to Short and Long Term Memory”

Krishnaswami Raja
College of Staten Island
Proposal title: “Bioactive Polymer Nanomats for Traumatic Wound Care Including Post Cancer Surgery-Clearing Tumor Margins of Cancerous Cells. (BioNanoWeb ™ Technology)”

Yi Sun
City College of New York
Proposal title: “Elucidating Spatio-Chemical Organization of Endothelial Surface Glycocalyx By Nanoscale Superrescolution STOMR Imaging and Analysis”

Bart Van Steirteghem
Medgar Evers College
Proposal title: “Affine Spherical Varieties”

Michele Vittadello
Medgar Evers College
Proposal title: “Biohybrid Leukocytes: Viral and Bacterial Zappers Based on Multifunctional Graphene Oxide Platforms”


Jeff Beeler
Queens College
Proposal title: “Differential encoding of cost and value by dopamine receptor subtypes in the basal ganglia”

Karin Block
City College of New York
Proposal title: “How mineral-microbial associations influence microbial growth and the stabilization potential of microbial C in tropical forest soils”

Spring Cooper
School of Public Health
Proposal title: “Prospective Mixed-Methods Evaluation of PrEP and Men’s Risk Compensation Behaviors”

Paul Feinstein
Hunter College
Proposal title: “The role of odorant receptors in gene choice and axon identity”

Yu Gao
Brooklyn College
Proposal title: “Developmental abnormality in emotion regulation, reward and punishment learning as risks for psychopathology: A longitudinal psychophysiological and neuroimaging study”

Christopher Gilbert
Hunter College
Proposal title: “Primate Evolution in the Miocene of India”

Bruce Homer
Graduate Center
Proposal title: “Virtual Reality and Emotional Design for the Development of Executive Functions in Adolescents”

Taehun Lee
City College of New York
Proposal title: “Particle-Laden Jumping Droplet in Condensable Gas”

Gregory Marks
Hostos Community College
Proposal title: “Austere and Lonely Offices: Speaking about Peace, Duty, and War”

Carmen Melendez-Vasquez
Hunter College
Proposal title: “Ablation of myosin II in oligodendrocytes: a novel mechanism for neuroprotection?”

Carolyn Pytte
Queens College
Proposal title: “Sex Differences in the Effects of Statins on Juvenile Learning, Memory, and Neurosteroids”

Sang-Woo Seo
City College of New York
Proposal title: “Integrated three-dimensional Raman sensing platform for compact label-free bio/chemical sensing “

Raymond Tu
City College of New York
Proposal title: “Breaking the ‘cold-chain’ using colloidosomal stabilization”

Sihong Wang
City College of New York
Proposal title: “The Role of Chaperon Proteins in Mediating Osteoarthritis (OA) in Animal OA Models”

Ann Marie Yali
City College of New York
Proposal title: “ADAPT: Adaptive Domains After Physical Training”