Bronx Community CollegeBronx Business Bridge

For startups and businesses expanding in the Bronx and New York City, Bronx Business Bridge enables entrepreneurs to bridge the gap between plans and execution. In addition to meeting your need for office space, Bronx Business Bridge offers a full suite of business management support services, training on business fundamentals, and access to a loan program and early stage capital for eligible participants.

College of Staten IslandCSI Technology Incubator

With the launch of the CSI Technology Incubator the College of Staten Island seeks to reverse the trend of having to look elsewhere to start your journey. We are doing this by building the community from within; while being a port to the greater NYC area.

Kingsborough Community CollegeNYDesigns

NYDesigns is an economic development program of the City University of New York (CUNY) at LaGuardia Community College that catalyzes growth for small businesses and entrepreneurs in the design, fabrication, technology and maker spaces. We pursue this mission by distributing our work across three fundamental concentrations: business incubation, fabrication, and advocacy. We are proudly located in Long Island City, Queens.

Craig Newmark Graduate School Of Journalism At CUNYTow Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism

We run educational programs, conduct research and support journalism startups to help foster sustainable business models for quality journalism. Our education programs train journalists in media entrepreneurship. Our research arm explores new business models for news. Our incubation efforts center around events, workshops and mentorship programs for professionals and students.

CUNY School of LawCommunity Legal Resource Network Incubator for Justice

We have expanded our program from its initial focus on nurturing solo community practices to now providing dynamic professional development opportunities for graduates at different stages of their careers. From initial skills building to mid-career changes to systemic analysis for more seasoned practitioners, CLRN’s innovative programs help CUNY Law graduates to have fulfilling social justice careers from law school through retirement.

Kingsborough Community CollegeKitchen Ventures Incubator Program

The Center for Economic and Workforce Development (CEWD) at Kingsborough Community College (KCC) delivers workforce training and college readiness programs to under- and un-employed NYC residents, providing the training and skills necessary to advance their careers or continue toward a higher educational goal.

Queens Community College treesQueens College Tech Incubator Center

The Tech Incubator at Queens College (TIQC), is supported by the New York City Council as a startup incubator for tech freelancers, professional developers, and entrepreneurs. TIQC aims to help startup companies and entrepreneurs to build successful technology companies, which in turn creates more job opportunities and drives new innovation and technology development in New York.

North Campus - The City College of New York-Zahn Innovation Center

We are a startup incubator located at the City College of New York offering co-working space and an array of resources including: annual competitions, a startup bootcamp, mentorship and pro-bono services, networking opportunities, and rapid prototyping facilities.