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One mission of the CUNY Office of Research is to ensure University compliance with federal, state and local regulations and ethical standards with regard to all aspects pertaining to the responsible conduct of research. Vital to our mission of promoting research excellence is the creation and implementation of key University policies. These policies address a wide variety of research issues and regulatory requirements, spanning all areas of research at CUNY. The research and sponsored projects compliance division of the CUNY Office of Research provides oversight, administrative support and educational training concerning regulatory and ethical issues related to research.

A Guide to Research and Sponsored Projects Compliance* at CUNY

CUNY is committed to the responsible and ethical conduct of research. Information on CUNY’s RCR program and related resources are available here

CUNY’s HRPP is responsible for the protection of the rights and welfare of human subjects in research projects conducted at Read More

CUNY or by CUNY faculty, staff and students, and RF CUNY staff. Information on CUNY’s HRPP and related resources are available here.

CUNY’s Conflict of Interest policy establishes standards to ensure that there is no reasonable possibility that any conflicting Read More

interests will bias the design, conduct, reporting or review of research projects at the University, regardless of the source of funding or the commercial exploitation of the results of such projects. More information is available here.

At CUNY, we are committed to maintaining an open teaching and research environment that supports the global benefit of our academic Read More

and research endeavors. At the same time, we remain equally committed to complying with export control regulations pertaining to the conduct of our research and the dissemination of its products. Information on CUNY’s Export Control program and related resources are available here.

Policies and guidance developed to assist our research community in remaining compliant with sponsor requirements are available here

Information on how to enter into research agreements at CUNY and to identify the appropriate signatory for each type of agreement is available here.

CUNY’s research and sponsored projects compliance training and education plan, and related materials are available here

Our quality assurance (QA) / quality improvement (QI) program is designed to Read More

ensure compliance through education and support of all stakeholders. Information regarding our QA/QI program is available here

Guidance for Terms and Conditions of Internal Grant Programs

*Projects or activities including research, creative activity, training. Instruction or service undertaken within or on behalf of the university pursuant to funding or other support from an external source.