CUNY research compliance quality assurance (QA) / quality improvement (QI) program is designed to ensure compliance through education and support of all stakeholders. In doing so, the program also promotes research integrity and responsible conduct of research. Our goal is to collaborate with research administrators at CUNY colleges to identify areas in need of improvement, and then to identify ways to address these needs.

Elements of the QA/QI Program

The QA/QI program includes the following elements:

  • Furnishing tools and templates for use by PIs
  • Conducting routine or for-cause audits to monitor compliance
  • Indexing common observations and addressing these through educational initiatives
  • Employing surveys or other methods, and conducing site visits, to obtain stakeholder feedback regarding the effectiveness of the research compliance program at CUNY
  • Collaborating with all stakeholders to design, recommend and implement improvements to the program

Education & Training

The research compliance team offers many opportunities for education and training of all stakeholders. Details regarding our educational initiatives are available at

Quality Improvement Services

Researchers and/or administrators may request any of the following by emailing

  • New researcher or research team training on research compliance, record keeping, or other related topics
  • Educational programs for small or large groups
  • Assistance in developing customized in-house training initiatives and tools