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CUNY’s RCR Training

  • CUNY’s Policy on Training in Responsible Conduct of Research is available here
  • CUNY subscribes to RCR training modules offered by Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI). CITI Training requirements (for CUNY faculty, postdoctoral scholars, and students) and instructions are available here.

Research Misconduct

  • CUNY’s Policy Regarding the Disposition of Allegations of Misconduct in Research and Similar Educational Activities is available here

CUNY’s Research Integrity Officers (RIO)

  • The President of each CUNY College designates a RIO for their campus.
  • Each RIO is responsible for promoting RCR through training and education at the college and for implementing CUNY’s RM policy.
  • Contact information of the current Research Integrity Officer for each College is available here.

Regulatory Requirements

  • The National Science Foundation (NSF)expects institutions to be able to verify that those students (undergraduates and graduates) and postdoctoral researchers who receive NSF funds (support from salary and/or stipends to conduct research on NSF grants) will obtain RCR training. NSF’s resources regarding the responsible conduct of research are available here.
  • The National Institutes of Health (NIH) requires that all trainees, fellows, participants, and scholars receiving support through any NIH training, career development award (individual or institutional), research education grant, and dissertation research grant must receive instruction in responsible conduct of research. Details regarding NIH’s Update on the Requirement for Instruction in the Responsible Conduct of Research can be found here.
  • United States Public Health Service (PHS) Policies on Research Misconduct at 42 CFR Part 93 and other PHS resources are available here.


  • US Department of Health & Human Services Office of Research Integrity’s (ORI) publications, including handbooks and guidelines are available here.
  • ORI’s interactive movie on research misconduct, “The Lab,” can be viewed here.
  • ORI’s video, “The Role of the RIO,” can be viewed here.
  • The National Academies Press’ Book, “On Being a Scientist: Responsible Conduct in Research,” is available here.
  • Dr. Miguel Roig’s Book, “Avoiding plagiarism, self-plagiarism, and other questionable writing practices: A guide to ethical writing,” is available here