CUNY is comprised of 11 senior colleges, seven community colleges, The Macaulay Honors College and five graduate and professional schools, located throughout the city’s five boroughs. CUNY regards scholarly activity, service and research as part of the normal activity and responsibility of the faculty. To that end, the primary responsibility for sponsored research and programs belongs to each College or School and their requisite department. A Principal Investigator (PI) or Project Director (PD) who applies for sponsored research or program support has the overall award management of the sponsored program. Each College or School has a Grants Office (GO) responsible for Sponsored Programs Administration and accessible to them to assist the PI or PD with any sponsored research or program administrative requirements. The Grants Office reports to the President, Provost or their designee of their College or School.

In addition to the GO, administration and oversight of sponsored research and sponsored programs is also provided centrally by CUNY under the auspices of The University’s Office for Research, and the Research Foundation of The City University of New York (The Research Foundation).  The University’s Office of the General Counsel and Senior Vice Chancellor for Legal Affairs (OGC) performs the review, drafting and negotiation of unfunded contracts and other agreements and provides legal advice to the University’s central administration and its constituent colleges. The Technology Commercialization Office facilitates transfer of CUNY innovations to industry by nurturing collaboration between academia and industry, by championing sponsored research at various facilities within the University, by licensing of CUNY intellectual property to sponsors and other industry partners, and by supporting formation of new start-up companies.

Each of the stakeholders identified above plays a role in Sponsored Research and Programs Administration and Compliance. As a condition of accepting sponsor funds, the University must comply with a variety of award terms and conditions and, in the case of Federal funding, regulations that govern all awards. Compliance begins with the presentation of a proposal and continues for as long as the University is willing to accept funding from external sources.

The following guidance provides the PI or PD with an overview of several compliance areas inherent to the management of grants and contracts and especially to Federal regulations and compliance:

Pre-award management and oversight

Post-award management and oversight

Regulatory compliance

Including protection of human subjects and animal subjects, conflict of interest, export controls, and research integrity.


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