A No-Cost Extension (NCE) is an extension of the period of performance beyond the expiration end date of the award. Project extensions permit a principal investigator to complete a project. As the phrase “no cost” suggests, there is no additional funding provided by the Sponsor.

A no-cost extension may be requested by a Principal Investigator when all three of the following conditions are met:

  • The end of the project period is approaching, AND
  • There is a programmatic need to continue the research, AND
  • There are sufficient funds remaining to cover the extended effort.

Some federal sponsors have delegated the responsibility for approving no-cost extensions for grants to the institution under Expanded Authorities.

Note: Funds remaining in the account is not a justifiable reason for requesting an extension. Extensions may be requested only for programmatic reasons (such as the work took longer than expected). However, it is appropriate to state that sufficient funds remain in the account to support the project for the additional period of time.

If you require a NCE, you will need a detailed justification for what unexpected event(s) delayed the progress of the project, how the unexpected events were remedied, what progress will occur during the no cost extension period to successfully complete the Statement of Work, and how the no cost extension request will benefit the project’s results.

See – Expanded Authorities or Waiver of Authorities