Termination means the ending of a Federal award, in whole or in part at any time prior to the planned end of period of performance.

The Federal award may be terminated in whole or in part as follows:

  • For failure to comply with the terms and conditions of a Federal award;
  • For cause;
  • When agreed upon by Grantor and Grantee including the termination conditions, effective date and, in the case of partial termination, the portion to be terminated; or
  • By the Grantee. However, if it is determined that a partial termination will not accomplish the purposes for which the Federal award was made it may be terminated in its entirety.

Before the Termination of a grant or cooperative agreement, it may be put into suspension creating a temporary interruption of Federal funds to the award recipient under the grant or cooperative agreement being suspended. If in suspension for failure to comply or for cause, the suspension may be lifted by corrective action taken by the recipient, or may be the first step in making a decision to terminate the award.

  • In the event that a project is terminated, the awarding agency will typically:
    • Notify the PI and/or The Research Foundation, in writing of its decision;
    • Specify the reason;
    • Afford the PI and sub-recipients a reasonable time to terminate project operations; and
    • Request the PI seek support from other sources.

An awarded project which is prematurely terminated will be subject to the same requirements regarding audit, recordkeeping, and submission of reports as an awarded project that runs for the duration of the project period.

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