The federal government mandates that a central Grants Offices (GO) administer the initiation of sponsored activities. These administrative responsibilities require a professional staff with knowledge of the regulations of federal agencies and a means to maintain the records required by federal sponsors.

The GO at each College or School assists the PI with the application requirements and submissions. They assist with required formats, presentations, and budgets, provide the institutional approval and sign off for proposal submission. At the time of an award the GO office processes it together with the Research Foundation.

All proposal submissions must be submitted to the GO for review and signature or sign-off of the Authorized Organizational Representative (β€œAOR”) prior to submission to an external sponsor, even when institutional sign-off is not required by the sponsor. The AOR is designated by the Research Foundation.

Each college GO specifies an internal submission deadline, which may be prior to the agency or submission deadline for review and approval of the full proposal, internal forms and budget.

Each College and School has a required routing for review and approval for the submission of a sponsored proposal. The proposal along with the required approvals will ultimately be routed to the College or School GO for final review and, if required, electronic submission to the sponsor.

The review and approval for the submission of a sponsored project is necessary so as to assess:

  • Commitments of faculty and staff time and the effects on the teaching and other obligations;
  • Release Time arrangements;
  • Requirements for space and facilities;
  • Budget verification, including F&A costs, fringe rates, and cost sharing;
  • Identification of proposal requiring special review, such as use of human subjects, animals, biohazards, or intellectual property issues;
  • Disclosures of any potential financial conflicts of interest of the PI or any other person responsible for the design, conduct or reporting of the proposed project.
  • At the time of an award, faculty are responsible for advising and discussing the technical work aspect of the proposal. However, faculty are NOT authorized to negotiate the general terms and conditions of agreements. They should refer such negotiations to the SPA Office.