Multiple (concurrent) solicitations, that is, the submission of the same proposal to two or more sponsors, may be made provided this fact is clearly disclosed in the text of the proposal. However, some agencies may NOT accept proposals submitted to other potential sponsors. A reference to the individual sponsor’s policy concerning multiple solicitations should be found in their sponsor application guidelines. If not, the PI should inquire directly with the sponsor’s program officer and seek guidance from their SPA office.

For Example:

National Science Foundation (NSF)

  • Submission for Review by Multiple Programs within NSF. The same work/application cannot be funded twice. The submission of duplicate or substantially similar applications concurrently for review by more than one program without prior approval may result in the return or the redundant applications.
  • Submission of Same Application to Multiple Agencies. With the exception of the Biological Directorate Policy, concurrent submission of an application to other organizations for simultaneous consideration will not prejudice its review.

NIH Center for Scientific Review

Examples of Situations Where Concurrent Applications are Not Allowable

  • Alternating (next round) submissions of two applications with highly overlapping aims, when the summary statement of the first application has not been released at the time the second application is submitted.
  • Concurrent submissions of an application to both an RFA and a Program Announcement (PA/PAR/PAS)
  • Concurrent submission of two applications with different activity codes (e.g., R21 and R01) where the aims of one application are the same or significantly overlap with those in the other application.