Sponsored research refers to research projects or activities that are sponsored or funded by external organizations, such as the US federal government, NY State, industry partners, and private organizations.

Principal investigators (PIs) should submit their proposals to the grants officer of their respective college or school. The grants officer reviews the proposal and ensures that it complies with sponsor requirements and CUNY policies. Upon acceptance, the college grants officer submits the proposal to the sponsor on behalf of CUNY. Researchers who require assistance in preparing their proposals, including development of data management plans for NSF awards, should contact their respective college or school’s grants officer.

Each individual CUNY college may have departmental requirements regarding the review and approval of proposals prior to submission to the grants officer. In addition, each grants office may have local deadlines for proposal submission in relation to the sponsor deadline. Researchers are encouraged to contact their college grants office well in advance of the proposal deadline to ensure compliance with CUNY and college policies.

PIs and their college administration are responsible for complying with the terms and conditions of all grants, contracts, and agreements. PIs are also responsible for complying with relevant federal regulations, state laws, and CUNY policies.

Researchers receiving federal funds are responsible for complying with the relevant federal agency’s requirements for managing awards. The two most common sources of federal funding are the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Researchers receiving funds from the NSF must comply with the requirements set forth in the NSF Award and Administration Guide. Researchers receiving funds from NIH must comply with NIH’s Award Management requirements.

Researchers receiving grant funds are also responsible for complying with CUNY’s Multiple Position Policy (see chapter 9) as well as applicable policies of the Research Foundation.

The Research Foundation of CUNY (RF-CUNY) performs post-award administration in collaboration with the College Grants Officer. Detailed information regarding the services provided by RF-CUNY is available at https://www.rfcuny.org/rfwebsite/research/Default.aspx. These services should be provided by the RF and no other entity.